As Greek School Online tutors, we love to see our students succeed. Therefore, we provide high quality study material. We use course books according to the student’s age and level in Greek. We also use videos, quizzes and flashcards to keep the lesson fun.

At the end of the lesson we provide our students with homework based on the lesson that was taught.

At the end of each month students take their assesment test in order to see for themselves the progress that’s been made.

Course books:

Course books are essential for both children and adult students. All our books are certified according to the European framework for languages.


Using videos for educational purposes is a phenomenal way to keep the student intrigued. Learning Greek is not just about learning vocabulary and grammar rules. It is also about learning the Greek culture and way of life. it’s learning everything about the beauty of Greece and is well achieved when watching videos and listening to Greek songs.

Quizzes and Flashcards:

Quizzes and Flashcards are ideal not only for childrens’ courses but also for adults. Learning becomes a fun and interesting experience while playing games with fellow classmates encourages interaction in Greek.