Here, in Greek School Online the phrase ”It’s all Greek to Us” has the most literal meaning.
Because it is really all Greek to us
All of our teachers are native Greek speakers in love with the Greek language and culture. Our goal is to transmit to you not only mere knowledge, but also to give you the chance to discover yourself the depth and the beauty of Greece.

We love to teach with μεράκι. (The very definition of μεράκι is the soul, the creativity, the love put into something , the essence of one’s self that is put into their work).
We love to see and recognize the progress of our students and we love to say that we are proud of them all.

Our years of experience have taught us that the future and the structure of our society depend on our greatest treasure, our children. And being responsible for the education and wellness of this generation is the most rewarding job someone can have. For every parent who entrusts Greek School Online with their children, we promise to make it our best effort to guide and aid them to achieve the highest.