• Can I get a diploma from Greek School Online?

As a school we provide you with a certificate of attendance but we can also undertake your preparation for the Ελληνομάθεια exams which certify you worldwide as a Greek speaker.

  • Do I have to buy any books?

No, all study material is provided by Greek School Online

  • Am I obligated to pay in Euros only?

No, you can pay in the currency of your preference

  • Will time zone difference be a problem?

We can schedule the class at a time suitable both to students and teachers

  • Are both children and adults taught in the same class?

No, students are put into different classes according to their age group and their knowledge in the Greek language

  • Are parents allowed to be present during the lesson?

Parents are able to be present during the trial lesson only. Furthermore, they are entitled to discuss with the teacher about their child’s progress whenever they feel it’s mandatory.

  • How many lessons should a student take each week?

As a school, we recommend two hours per week.

  • How much time does a lesson last?

Each lesson lasts 50-55 minutes. If the teacher thinks it’s necessary, the lesson might last a few more minutes.